Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Amy Winehouse Phenomenon Update

So I'm just lolling about at breakfast,idly perusing the Thursday Styles section in the Times and in the lead article about celebrity detox facilities up pops the following reference:

At the Valentino show in Paris last month, 'Rehab', a popular ditty by Amy Winehouse, pulsed on the runway.

Carlos Souza, a public relations executive for the fashion house, crooned some of the lyrics:'They tried to make me go.. I said no,no
no.' The song is 'great,catchy and of the moment',he said....

While I'm still busy congratulating myself on referred hipness, Amy's song has already become a DITTY.
And it was just last night, on my drive home from work, that Terry Gross announced that, after a brief break, rock critic Ken Tucker would be reviewing the new album by.... AMY WINEHOUSE. I veered into the slow lane, adjusted the volume a bit higher, and took a cleansing breath. Ken sounded a tad smug, wondering if Amy's popularity might not be limited to aging baby boomers because of her musical influences. He admitted that the Rehab song is actually addictive in its own right. And then (I was way ahead of him here) he opined that Amy had gained considerable street cred because the rapper Ghostface agreed to record You Know I'm No Good with her. Now, I ask you, who is Ken Tucker to be referring to my guy Ghostface in such a truncated and familiar way? It's Mr. Killah to you, Ken.