Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Amy Winehouse's Mum Pens Missive

So, Amy Winehouse was recently wandering around London in her bra and jeans at 5:45 a.m. which can't be a good thing. Oh, she just got arrested for obstructing justice or something like that , what with her husband Blake Fielder-Civil already in jail. And all this on top of the Grammy nods...
Apparently Amy's folks are a tad concerned about the effect that fame has had on their daughter . Amy hasn't been listening to the mater lately, so her mum decided to post a heartfelt letter in the British tabloids to try to get through to the trainwreck that is her daughter.The letter does not seem to have worked.
Nevertheless, it's given me an idea. What's good enough for Janis Winehouse is certainly good enough for me. So here is my public epistle to my progeny:

Dear Abraham and Anna,
I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for not wandering around Los Angeles (Abe) or Philadelphia (Anna) in your underwear in the wee hours of the morning.
Love, Your Mother
P.S. Thanks also for not turning out like Jocelyn Kirsch .Now that's tsuris with a capital T.



Unknown said...

You're welcome.

Gail said...

I am so pleased that your children do not run around in their underwear in public. You brought them up with an appropriate degree of modesty and I am pleased that they have taken your teachings to heart.
However, have they had a nod from the grammys? Maybe you kept too tight a rein on them in their early years. Maybe they would be rich and famous and drunk today if you gave them more freedom of expression as Mrs Winehouse did for little Amy.

your sister

Heidi said...

You did everything exactly right with your two wonderful now-adult children, Dr. Forman. You are a parenting inspiration.

xoxo Heidi

Leslie Schiff said...

Wendy I heard her song on the radio today and thought of you and it IS a good song- (so, amazing to me that you wrote this blog today!)-
her deep voice so unusual ... she IS very talented and I was wondering if you were still a huge fan and how Amy was faring. SHe does love being a naughty kid. Hope she makes it okay. And your letter to Abe and Anna was hilarious and wonderful. You ARE both wonderful models of parenting- such great young people your grown-up kids are. Thanks for sending me your blog- you too are so talented- I love reading it.
See you in Jan -you will be there, right?
xo Leslie

Rainyday said...

And you're probably lucky and happy that they didn't get pregnant at age 16 while hosting a Disney show.